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Course Content

  1. Creating Image Files, Creating Bootable Drives, Operating Systems, Partitioning, Initial Setting

  1. Features, Settings, Reset

  1. Ports, Slots & Sockets, Chipsets, ROM/CMOS

  1. Volatile vs Non-Volatile, RAM (Static vs Dynamic), Dynamic RAM Types, Harddisk, SSD

  1. Device Driver Settings, Installation of Applications, Update & Patch Management, Antivirus & Firewall Settings, Troubleshooting

  1. Types & Pin Counts, Color Codes and Details, Voltage Requirements, Troubleshooting

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Requirement :

  1. No Specific Requirement

This Course Includes :

  1. Introduction to Motherboard
  2. BIOS
  3. Memory
  4. SMPS
  5. Assembling & Loading
  6. Operating Systems

Who This Course Is For? :

  1. Anyone can attend

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